Post Natal Care

The birth of your baby is often a much-awaited event, but it can also be a worrying and stressful time for new parents.  We all know that babies do not arrive into this world with a set of instructions nor do they always do what the textbooks say they should be doing!
Enter Karitane® and our Karitane Nurses and Maternity Nannies – these ladies are qualified, experienced baby whisperers and super nannies all rolled into one who can offer parents support and advice to make the first 2 years of parenting a happy and relaxed experience.
Karitane® and our Karitane® Professionals can offer you practical in-home support, care and training whether it’s your first baby, twins or additional baby.  We come to your own home, watch, listen and create a plan tailored to your own needs.
Our services and packages are flexible.  We take time to listen and understand your individual needs, lifestyle and preferences.  We will tailor a package to suit you, one that will enable you to be the best parent you can be.
Some of the services we provide are;
In home advice - for anything from settling a nursery to weaning to a bottle, one our experienced Karitane® Professionals will come into your home and help you with your particular issue.
A day in the life – let one of our Karitane® Professionals spend the day with you and your baby to give you reassurance as a mother and set up a practical plan for any issues you may have
Bringing Baby Home – we can help smooth the transition from hospital to home by providing you a 24 hour care in helping you get to know your baby and become a confident mother
Night nanny – sometimes you just need a good night’s sleep so let one of Karitane®‘s night nannies feed and settle your baby/ies during the night while you catch up on some much needed rest.
Sleep training (for 4-5 months to 5 years old) – one of our sleep experts will come into your home and provide assessment, guidance and support about your child’s sleep routine.
Multiples – twins or triplets - let us help you manage your multiple bundles of joy and establish a plan that will work for you
Special care – we can work with babies who need that bit of extra help (such as tube feeding) to give you a break or some extra support
Gift certificates – what better gift for a new mother than a helping hand to establish feeding, routine or sleeping with a newborn?  We offer gift certificates for you to give your daughter, daughter in law, sister, friend or work colleague.

Please call Karitane® now  on 0800 222 121 to help tailor make a package for you and your family.